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Yearbook 1998

1998 ZimbabweZimbabwe. According to Countryaah, the economic and political situation deteriorated drastically during the year. A series of strikes were carried out against tax and price increases. The strikes were given increasingly clear political tone, especially after a 67% increase in fuel prices in November. Discontent with the economic conditions increased after Zimbabwe's military intervention in the Congo-Kinshasa war, where 6,000 soldiers were sent to the government of Kabila. The effort was reported to cost SEK 8 million. a day; this was in a situation where the currency lost more than 60% in value in a year, inflation was 45%, unemployment 40% and growth slowed. Unions and employers were united in the demands for an end to corruption and state waste. They also demanded a public account of the costs of the war effort, which was decided without debate in Parliament and which they claimed was done to protect the private business interests of individual government members in Congo-Kinshasa. The government's response to the protests was a six-month-long strike ban.

1998 Zimbabwe

The economic situation was made more difficult by the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) decision in November to freeze the continued payment of a loan of $ 176 million agreed in June. The IMF was concerned by the government's decision to confiscate 841 farms owned by whites and to distribute land to blacks, despite the government's promised land expropriation on a much smaller scale and slower pace.

Former President Canaan Banana was found guilty of homosexual abuse in November and placed under house arrest after staying hidden abroad for a few weeks. The verdict falls in 1999.

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