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Yearbook 1998

1998 VietnamVietnam. According to Countryaah, Asia's financial crisis, tropical hurricanes and severe summer drought slowed Vietnam's exports and tourism and drove up unemployment. After an economic growth of about 9% for several years, the government was forced to reduce its annual forecast to 6%. The World Bank said growth of no more than 4-5%. Prime Minister Phan Văn Khai described the fall as the worst in more than a decade.

Within the ruling Communist Party there were signs of a tug of war between traditional closure and demands for more open debate. One of several who criticized the power monopoly and demanded more democracy was General Trn Đ, considered the veteran of the revolution. Both former party leader Đ Mu迂o迂i and his successor Lễ Kha Phiễu admitted that corruption threatens the communist regime, but they blamed local leaders in the provinces. In October, Prime Minister Khai ruled that political stability is paramount and that state-owned companies must remain leaders in the economy. If the in-depth reforms that economists are calling for, nothing was heard at the Central Committee's plenary the same month or at Parliament's spring and autumn sessions.

1998 Vietnam

On National Day September 2, President Trn Đu迂c Lu迂o迂ng pardoned over 5,200 prisoners, including the famous dissidents Đoan Viễt Hoat and Nguyễn Đan Quễ. The journalist Hoat was jailed without a sentence for a total of 15 years before being sentenced to 20 years in prison in 1993 (shortened to 15) for calling for democracy and the dissolution of the Communist Party. After his release, he traveled to his family in the United States, while Quễ stayed in Vietnam. The two leading Buddhist monks were also released.

Land grief was announced in April since Nguyễn Văn Linh, Secretary-General of the Communist Party 1986-91 and the man behind the reform policy (Đi Mo迂i), passed away 85 years old. Two weeks earlier, Vietnam's Foreign Minister 1980-91, 75-year-old Nguyễn Co Thach, had died.

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