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Vatican City

Yearbook 1998

Vatican City. According to Countryaah, Pope John Paul II visited Croatia during the year, where he blessed one of the most controversial historical figures of Croatian history, Archbishop Alojzije Stepanić (see Croatia).

1998 Vatican City

In the spring, the commander of the Swiss Guard General Alois Esterman was murdered along with his wife. The perpetrator was a young deputy corporal who committed suicide shortly after the deed.

During the year, the Vatican State appointed a commission to investigate the atrocities committed during the Inquisition. Shortly thereafter, the professor of philosophy of law at the Vatican University, UniversitÓ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Luigi Lombardi Vallauri was dismissed in an internal trial where he was not entitled to defend himself. The reason was stated to be that he devoted himself to error lessons. Vallauri had expressed his views on hell, sin and sexual morality. He found no resemblance between the sins a human can commit and an eternal burning hell.

Leonardo Zega, editor of the Italian newspaper Famiglia Christiana, was forced after leaving the Vatican to leave his post because he had not condemned homosexuality.

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