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Yearbook 1998

Tanzania. According to Countryaah, eleven people were killed and 72 injured in a blast attack on the US embassy in Dar es-Salaam on August 7. An Egyptian and a Tanzanian were indicted in September for the act. Five other suspects were also arrested. The Egyptian was reported to be linked to Saudi Usama bin Laden, who held the United States responsible for the attack.

1998 Tanzania

A long political stalemate on the Zanzibar archipelago appeared near a settlement in the fall after the opposition party CUF (Civic United Front) expressed its willingness to cancel the boycott of the local parliament. The crisis erupted after the election of CCM's (Chama Cha Mapinduzi; Revolutionary Party of Tanzania) candidate Salmin Amour to Zanzibar's president in 1995, which the opposition claimed was done by cheating.

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