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Yearbook 1998

Switzerland. According to Countryaah, Switzerland avoided a devastating boycott from the United States when, during the summer, after often bitter negotiations, Swiss banks reached an agreement with Jewish organizations to compensate for seized Jewish assets during World War II. The settlement meant that the Swiss banks would pay the equivalent of SEK 10 billion to survivors of the Holocaust and Jewish groups.

1998 Switzerland

At the same time, the banks agreed to pay just over SEK 8 million to Christoph Meili, the night watchman who in 1997 rescued documents that would be destroyed and handed them over to Jewish leaders in Switzerland. Meili was charged with breach of confidentiality, but the case was closed. After he and his family were threatened with death, the family moved to the United States.

In a referendum in the autumn, the Swiss said a definite no to a proposal for a total legalization of drugs. The proposal came from parents of abusers, independent doctors and lawyers. Switzerland has the largest proportion of drug users per inhabitant in Europe, and the supply of drugs is large. Typical for Swiss addicts is that they come from all walks of life.

Interior Minister Ruth Dreifuss became president in December. This item rotates according to the constitution of the government.

Swiss airline Swissair suffered its worst accident so far when a plane from New York to Geneva crashed into the sea off Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, killing 229 people.

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