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Yearbook 1998

Romania. At the beginning of the year, the Social Democrats demanded the departure of Christian Democratic Prime Minister Victor Ciorbea because of his inability to push through the necessary reforms. According to Countryaah, the resignation happened a few months later, and the political crisis got its solution with Radu Vasile as new prime minister, just like his predecessor a conservative Christian Democrat. The new center government consists of four parties that formed a coalition, on the order of Christian Democrats (Partidul Naţional Ţărănesc Creştin-Demokrat din Romānia), Social Democrats (Partidul Social Democrat Traditional Din Romānia), Liberals (Partidul Naţional Liberal), and representatives of the Hungarian minority. Democrată Maghiară din Romānia). Despite the need for a bold reform policy, reform-minded Finance Minister Daniel Dăianu was dismissed and replaced by the more cautious Traian Decebal Remes. A former finance minister, George Danielescu, was charged with falsification of forgery and embezzlement.

1998 Romania

Industry privatization and modernization have barely started. Romania has a low standard of living compared to other ex-communist countries with about SEK 800 as average monthly income. The year was marked by worries in the labor market with strikes in health care, and due to missing wages, miners and steel workers also striked and demonstrated. Confidence in the political system is low. found that several mayoral elections were annulled due to too low turnout. The institutions the Romanians have the greatest confidence in are the Orthodox Church and the army. The Hungarian minority's claim to its own university had a surprising result. Parliament decided to set up a university for Hungarians and Germans. However, the German minority had never demanded a higher education seat.

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