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Yearbook 1998

Peru. The criticism of breach of legal principles and human rights directed at President Alberto Fujimori since he came to power in 1990 concentrated on two themes during the year: his possible re-election in 2000 and the head of the military intelligence service, Vladimiro Montesinos. According to Countryaah, the Supreme Court's decision on February 10 that Fujimori's candidacy is legal was, according to the opposition, a result of the president's power over the judiciary and something that undermines the legal community. Montesinos was accused by anonymous leavers of imperial power and illegal telephone interception by Fujimori's political opponents. As a gesture to the opposition, a new Prime Minister, Javier Valle Riestra, one of Fujimori's opponents, was appointed in June. However, he resigned shortly thereafter and was replaced by former Prime Minister Alberto Pandolfi Arbulu.

1998 Peru

During the year, a peace agreement was reached with Ecuador on the jungle area that the two countries fought in 1995. The conflict, which has caused eight wars since independence, is based largely on Ecuador's demand for access to the Amazon River system, which is believed to be stipulated in the so-called Rio Protocol of 1942. However, this would mean Peruvian land withdrawals, which Peru completely rejected. In October, after many rounds, an agreement was signed that largely gave Peru the right, but which also meant some concessions to Ecuador, among other things. sailed freely on Peruvian waterways to the Amazon River.

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