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Papua New Guinea

Yearbook 1998

Papua New Guinea. Peace negotiations between the warring parties on the island of Bougainville in January resulted in an agreement on a permanent ceasefire, which formally entered into force at the end of April / May. The agreement was concluded at negotiations in New Zealand between the government, the rebel army at Bougainville and representatives of the island's local government. The nine-year civil war has claimed nearly 20,000 lives.

1998 Papua New Guinea

According to Countryaah, Papua New Guinea suffered a severe natural disaster in July. Two earthquakes in the sea were followed by three huge tidal waves, which swept across the coast in the northwest, drowned several villages, took an estimated 5,000 lives and left thousands of people homeless.

In April, a new political party, PNG First Party, was formed by merging, among other things, Prime Minister Bill Skates People's National Congress. The leader became Skate, and the new party became the largest in parliament. Eleven MPs surrendered their support to the government in June and joined the opposition.

In November, the Minister of Finance announced that every 10 government employees, 7,000 people, must be laid off. The resources should instead be used to remedy a lack of basic health care and schooling in the country.

In December, the government failed to get support in Parliament for constitutional amendments so that a temporary so-called reconciliation government could be installed in Bougainville as of the turn of the year.

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