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Yearbook 1998

Niger. Former Prime Minister Hama Amadou and two other leading opposition politicians were arrested in January accused of planning to assassinate President Ibrahim Baré Mainassara. They were released on bail but threatened with prosecution.

1998 Niger

According to Countryaah, demonstrations against the president in April led to violence that was defeated by security forces. In both February and May, soldiers revolted against missing wages. The financially hard-pressed state was in May six months after paying salaries to the government employees, but managed to pay the soldiers and thus restore calm.

The 1995 ongoing process of making peace with separatist guerrillas among the Tuareg and Toubou people was completed in 1997. The last of 15 rebel movements laid down weapons in exchange for amnesty and pledged to be included in the army.

In August, the political opposition also quenched its conflict with the military-dominated government after promising, among other things. fair access to the state media and a review of the electoral laws.

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