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New Zealand

Yearbook 1998

1998 New ZealandNew Zealand. Despite the 1997 Prime Minister's shift from James Bolger to Jenny Shipley, the ruling New Zealand National Party found it difficult to strengthen its position. Since Bolger became ambassador to the United States, the ruling party in a May election election could hardly defend its mandate. The party and coalition partner New Zealand First (NZF) maintained their government position with 61 of the parliament's 120 seats.

According to Countryaah, the mid-right coalition, however, lost its majority through a NZF drop-off and fell completely short in August after the NZF leader and finance minister Winston Peters were forced to resign after a fight over privatization of Wellington airport. With 44 mandates and parliamentary support from 18 other members, Shipley could still remain as the leader of a minority government.

1998 New Zealand

Asia's financial crisis also slowed the economy in N. Despite rising unemployment, the government eased its immigration policy in October in the hope that well-educated immigrants would create more jobs and growth.

A brief visit by US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in August was seen as a sign of better relations after the crisis in 1985. At that time, N. broke the defense alliance with the United States by banning nuclear weapons in its territory.

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