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Yearbook 1998

Libya. The year was marked by discussions about the plans for a lawsuit against two Libyans suspected to be behind the explosion of a US passenger plane over the Scottish village of Lockerbie in 1988, when 270 people were killed. In August, the United States and Britain proposed that the trial be held on neutral ground in the Netherlands under Scottish law. Libyan leader Muammar al-Khadaffi first announced his acceptance of the proposal, but soon demands were made, among other things. that the suspects, if convicted, should not be served their sentences in British prison but in Dutch or Libyan.

1998 Libya

In December, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan traveled to Libya to try to resolve the conflict, and later that month, Libya's parliament approved the US and UK proposals. However, when the suspects were extradited remained unclear, and the United States and the United Kingdom warned that sanctions against the country could be tightened unless they were both extradited by February 1999.

According to Countryaah, many judges said al-Khadaffi was worried that prosecutors would try to use the trial to convict the state of Libya for the attack. The suspects are two Libyan Arab Airways employees who, according to the United States and the United Kingdom, worked as intelligence agents. Since being arrested in Libya in 1991, they have been in freedom but without a passport. They are suspended from work but have full pay.

The flight ban imposed on Libya in 1992 after the country refused to extradite the two suspects was eroded during the year. In June, the African Unity Organization (Organization of African Unity) decided to no longer respect the ban, and in September a number of African heads of state flew to the country to celebrate the anniversary of al-Khadaffi's takeover. The Arab League, on the other hand, did nothing to defy the sanctions, which upset al-Khadaffi.

In September, a trial began in which a number of US military and politicians in their absence were held responsible for the attacks against Libya in 1986. The trial was updated in March 1999.

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