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Ivory Coast

Yearbook 1998

Ivory Coast. At the end of May, Mali's Minister of Justice announced that about 10,000 children from his home country had been sold as slaves in neighboring Ivory Coast. According to Countryaah, these were children aged 8–16 who were sold to coffee and cocoa growers in Ivory Coast by their parents in the drought-affected Mali. The countries signed an agreement to fight illegal child trafficking.

1998 Ivory Coast

In connection with the Ivory Coast celebrating its 38th anniversary as an independent nation in August, President Henri Konan Bédié issued an amnesty covering 3,600 of the country's prisoners. The exceptions were those convicted of violent crimes, drug offenses or misappropriation of public funds. Amnesty, however, provided that the prisoner could set up a bail sum or repay any theft.

UN diplomat Aliounie Blondin Beyes was killed when his aircraft crashed on June 26 shortly before landing in the Ivory Coast administrative seat Abidjan. Beyes was on his way to the Ivory Coast during a tour he undertook among African states to gain a hearing for his Angola peace plan.

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