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Yearbook 1998

Guatemala. On the evening of April 26, Catholic Bishop Juan Gerardi was murdered on his way home to his home. He was repeatedly struck in the head with a pebble. The murder was a severe blow to the sensitive peace process that has been going on since the peace treaty was signed in 1996. Only two days earlier, Bishop Gerardi had presented a report that charted human rights violations, and suspicions of political motives behind the murder quickly gained momentum. Several suspects were arrested and interrogated, including one of the bishop's clergy, but no one has been bound by the crime. In October, however, the Central American human rights organization CODEHUCA said it had clear evidence that Bishop Gerardi was murdered by military, including a colonel. The charges were denied by Defense Minister Héctor Mario Barrios Celada. Despite what happened, the UN decided:

1998 Guatemala

According to Countryaah, the political parties began their preparations for the 1999 elections. the Liberación Nacional (MLN) and valallians.

The violent forest and grass fires that ravaged Central America also hit G. and reached their peak in May-June. The fires occurred as a result of the most severe drought in 70 years in combination with the weather phenomenon of El Niño. In October, G., like many of the neighboring countries, was affected by Hurricane Mitch's progress. At least 100 people were killed and thousands lost their homes.

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