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Yearbook 1998

Swaziland. In August, King Mswati dissolved the parliament ahead of the planned parliamentary elections in October. The decision was seen as an attempt to respond to the opposition's call for voters to boycott the election. Political parties are banned in the country, which is then governed for a quarter of a century by decrees of the king. Only individual candidates are allowed, and even if they are nominated locally, they must in practice be accepted by the king. Before the election, police and military house surveys were conducted by several opposition leaders.

1998 Eswatini

According to Countryaah, the election was described by the opposition as a father and was followed by unrest, among other things. several explosions. Shortly after the new government was sworn in in November, the Deputy Prime Minister's office in the capital Mbabane was destroyed in an explosive attack. One person was killed and several injured. Three ministries had to be evacuated following threats of further blasts.

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