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Czech Republic

Yearbook 1998

Czech Republic. The Olympic gold in ice hockey - the first in the Czech Republic - was the only gold-edged in Czech existence during a year of problems and accidents. The year must be labeled as the worst crisis year since the Communist Empire collapsed in the early 1990s.

1998 Czech Republic

According to Countryaah, the crisis began in earnest in late 1997, when the right-wing government under Václav Klaus was forced to resign following a scandal involving illegal party support. As an expedition minister, an expert government was appointed with the former Governor of the Riksbank, the partyless Josef Tos̆ovský as prime minister. In addition, the Klaus Democratic Citizens' Party (ODS, Obc̆anskáokratická strana) - the outbreakers in the new right-wing party Freedom Union (US, Unie Svobody) burst the former Interior Minister Jan Ruml as party leader.

It was with great need that President Václav Havel succeeded in being re-elected by Parliament for a second term in office. Among the doubts to choose if Havel heard his faltering health and a marked decline in popularity. During the year, Havel underwent several difficult operations, so serious that his life was considered to be in danger. Havel's long convalescences and a marked decline in popularity led to speculation as to who might be the new president.

The new parliamentary elections in June - ordinary parliamentary elections would have been held in 2000 - did not lead to the clear political boundaries many hoped for. The earlier election resulted in a weak victory for the Social Democrats (CSSD, C̆eská strana sociálnĕokratická). New prime minister became Milos̆ Zeman, whose minority government passed the vote of confidence following an agreement with the largest opposition party, ODS, which cast its votes. The government has only 74 of Parliament's 200 seats. A few months later, the ruling Social Democrats suffered a major defeat in the Senate elections. Democracy was also hit by an equally staggering defeat as only over 20% of voters voted.

The Czech economy has had major problems: declining growth, high unemployment and increasing budget deficits. The European Commission has criticized the Czech Republic for its state subsidies and for committed crimes against the Europe agreement entered into, among other things. agriculture. Strong criticism was once again directed at the country's ruthless civil rights laws and a series of racist acts against the Roma.

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