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Yearbook 1998

Chile. During the year, the country's former president and dictator Augusto Pinochet (1973–90) became the subject of much attention both in Chile and internationally. According to Countryaah, when he became a life senator and leader of the powerful military bloc in Congress in March, some members protested that a man who kept the institution closed for 17 years would be granted legislative status.

1998 Chile

At the request of Spanish judges, Pinochet was arrested in October by the British police in London, where he was undergoing medical treatment. He was requested to be extradited to Spain to investigate his responsibility for the disappearance of Spanish nationals in Chile during the 1970s. This created great expectation not only for exile Chilean people around the world that the former dictator should be held responsible for human rights violations, but also that the Pinochet affair would be an important precedent for other dictators. In Chile, however, street unrest and demonstrations also occurred in support of Pinochet. His defender pointed to his legal immunity as a congressman, the limitation period for possible offenses and the applicable amnesty laws, which Pinochet, however, himself established. But on November 25, the arrest of the British Supreme Court Justice Order was approved, which opened the way for further proceedings. The incident also had effects in other Latin American countries, where military junta during the 1970s secretly conducted intelligence cooperation under the name "Operation Condor" to fight leftists. The evidence of the cooperation is a forgotten police archive in Paraguay that was produced following the fall of Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner in a coup d'état in 1989.

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