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Yearbook 1998

Canada. The economy continued its upward curve. According to the 1997 estimates, the deficit would only be 1% of GDP, but Finance Minister Paul Martin dared to be even more optimistic when he presented his new budget in February. He then expected to have a balanced budget at the end of the year. But already in May, ie. At the beginning of the new financial year, it was clear that there was a certain surplus in the economy. The hard savings that were started in 1993 to stop the growing deficit, which was then 6%, have had a good effect. Another explanation for the deficit turning into a small surplus is unexpectedly large tax revenue to the Treasury thanks to the improved economy.

1998 CanadaAccording to Countryaah, the Supreme Court (HD), in a principally very important case, ruled that the province of Quebec cannot unilaterally decide to leave Canada. First, Quebec is required to negotiate with the other provinces and the government, and then approval by the government and at least seven provincial governments is required before an exit can be made. However, HD stated that the government and the provinces must show good will in the negotiations on a strong majority of voters in Quebec vote yes to independence.

1998 Canada

Quebec separatists have gained more and more ground in recent years and were extremely close to winning the second and most recent referendum held in 1995. A third referendum is expected to result in a yes to independence, but through HD's ruling it is no longer given that Quebec can leave Canada. On November 30, provincial elections took place in Quebec, and the election results also forced the separatists to postpone a new referendum. It is true that the ruling party Party Québécois won the election with 75 of Parliament's 125 seats. But the federal-friendly Liberal opposition party won percentage more votes - 43.7% against the government's 42.7% - and Quebec's Prime Minister Lucien Bouchard therefore decided to postpone the referendum in the hope that public opinion will turn again.

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien still has to mobilize new forces to keep the country together. All ten provinces have long criticized the government for interfering too much in their internal affairs. The provinces want financial independence in health care, education and social welfare and require negotiations with the government.

On September 2, a serious plane crash occurred in Canada when a Swissair plane on its way from New York to Geneva crashed into the sea off Halifax in Nova Scotia. All 229 people on board were killed.

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