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Yearbook 1998

Bolivia. The large trade union organization COB (Confederación Obrera Boliviana) announced "war" against the government for increased average salaries. The government promised wage increases later in the year but at a much lower inflation-related level than COB's requirements, which were dismissed as unrealistic.

1998 Bolivia

According to Countryaah, The Bolivia government was reformed during the year. One of President Hugo Banzer's alliance parties, the populist Condepa (Conciencia de Patria), weakened when founder Carlos Palenques passed away in March 1997. Since then, the party has been divided by internal quarrels and accusations of nepotism, and its two members of government resigned during the year. President Banzer took the opportunity to strengthen his party's position (Acción Democrática Nacionalista), but at the same time gave the finance ministerial post to the third party in the alliance, MIR (Movimiento de la Izquierda Revolucionaria). The alliance lost the majority position in the House of Representatives, but in general the government succeeded in its policy. Some constitutional reforms were implemented, the external debt decreased and the growth figure for the year was about 5%. Only small progress was noted in the fight against coca cultivation. The goal of eradicating it by 2002 seems difficult to achieve - an ordinary farmer earns, for example. only a third as much as a cocoa grower. In early September, therefore, 1,000 coca farmers conducted a protest march to La Paz.

The arrest of Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet in London in November caused the opposition to demand an investigation into Banzer's involvement in the so-called Operation Condor (see Chile).

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