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Yearbook 1998

Bangladesh. After nearly 23 years of fighting, the Shanti Bahini guerrilla laid down its weapons in February after the government granted amnesty to all who participated in the uprising in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, a mountain area in the southeast mainly inhabited by minority people.

1998 Bangladesh

The monsoon rains in July caused the most severe floods in Bangladesh's history. Three quarters of the land was submerged, at least 800,000 ha of arable land destroyed, 30 million. became homeless and at least 1,500 perished. According to Countryaah, the damages were valued at more than $ 4 billion.

After more than a year-long trial, in November, 15 officers were sentenced to death for the 1975 assassination of the nation's first leader, Mujibur Rahman, Prime Minister Hasina Wajed's father. In October, three opposition politicians were indicted for murdering four of Mujibur Rahman's ministers after the 1975 coup. Both the death sentences and the accusations were met by opposition protests, which described them as a political revenge by the government.

In September, author Taslima Nasrin returned to Bangladesh to visit his sick mother. She had fled to Sweden in 1994 after being threatened by Muslim extremists for alleged anti-Islamic writings and statements. Her return led to violent protests and demands that she be brought to trial. She was forced to stay hidden again and appealed to the outside world for protection.

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