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Yearbook 1998

Austria. On July 1, the country took over the EU presidency from the UK and held the rotating post until the end of the year when it was Germany's turn in order. The most important task during the presidency period was to thoroughly prepare for the introduction of the European currency euro at the turn of the year.

1998 Austria

Another important issue was the enlargement of the EU, which is as pressing as the difficult issue for the Austrians. The first group of candidate countries is Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Poland, and several of these countries share common borders with Austria. Hungary and Slovenia were part of the Austria-Hungary double monarchy, and the Austrians say they want to take their historical responsibility. At the same time, a labor invasion of thousands of people from the neighboring countries is feared. Therefore, Austria wants a buffer period of between five and ten years after the candidate countries become members until free movement is introduced for them. The issue would have been debated at the EU summit in Vienna in December, but there it was overshadowed by controversies between Member States over the timing of the abolition of duty-free trade with, among other things. spirits.

According to Countryaah, President Thomas Klestil was re-elected by a large majority already in the first round of elections in late April for a term of another six years.

One of the largest medieval treasures in Europe was found during a year in a field outside the city of Freistadt in the province of Upper Austria. The treasure hiding contained a large amount of jewelry and 6,000 silver coins.

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